Re: [patch 00/23]

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Sat Sep 30 2006 - 04:36:19 EST

On Fri, 29 Sep 2006 23:58:18 -0000
Thomas Gleixner <tglx@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> We are pleased to announce the next version of our "high resolution
> timers" and "dynticks" patchset, which implements two important features
> that Linux lacked for many years.

Could we please have a full description of these features? All we have at
present is "high resolution timers" and "dynticks", which is ludicrously
terse. Please also describe the design and implementation. This is basic
stuff for a run-of-the-mill patch, let alone a feature like this one.

I don't believe I can adequately review this work without that information.
I can try, but obviously such a review will not be as beneficial - it can
only cover trivial matters.

With all the work which has gone into this, and with the impact which it
will have upon us all it is totally disproportionate that no more than a
few minutes were spent telling the rest of us what it does and how it
does it.

We've had a lot of problems with timekeeping in recent years, and they have
been hard and slow to solve. Hence I'd like to set the bar very high on
the maintainability and understandability of this work. And what I see
here doesn't look really great from that POV.

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