Makefile for linux modules

From: x z
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 22:00:10 EST

I have a makefile to make several driver modules:
obj-$(CONFIG_FUSION_SPI) += mptbase.o mptscsih.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FUSION_FC) += mptbase.o mptscsih.o
obj-m += mptbase.o mptscsih.o mptsas.o
obj-$(CONFIG_FUSION_LAN) += mptlan.o
obj-m += mptctl.o
obj-m += mptcfg.o
obj-m +=mptstm.o

this will compile all modules and the modules can be
installed successfully.

I need to have a comfunc.c file, which contains all
common functions, which could be used by these module
I added the line below to the content just below
mptstm.o (I tried adding just above mptlan).
mptbase-objs := comfunc.o

All modules are compiled successfully. I can install
mptbase.ko. However, when I try to install mptctl.ko
(or other modules), I got errors like mptctl: Unknown
symbol mpt_register; mpt_deregister. These functions
are implemented in mptbase.c.

How do I fix this problem?


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