[patch 00/23]

From: Thomas Gleixner
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 20:04:27 EST

We are pleased to announce the next version of our "high resolution
timers" and "dynticks" patchset, which implements two important features
that Linux lacked for many years.

The patchset is against 2.6.18-mm2. (Since our last release there were
no big changes, other than bugfixes and internal releasification
cleanups, and the merge to -mm. The queue is bisect-friendly.)

If review and feedback is positive we'd like this patchset to be added
to the 2.6.19 kernel. It has been maintained ontop of ktimers initially
(more than a year ago), and then ontop of hrtimers (after ktimers were
renamed to hrtimers and the hrtimer subsystem went upstream in January).
Various -hrt iterations have been announced on lkml numerous times in
the past year.

Now that the hrtimers subsystem and most of John Stultz Generic Time Of
Day work is upstream, this patchset is straightforward and carries
little risks if high-res timers are turned off (which is the default).

This patchset has been tested on various i686 systems. (We have the
x86_64 patches too, but we'd like to concentrate on this first wave

The patchset can also be found at:


Thomas, Ingo


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