[RFC] OMAP1 PM Core, Intro 0/2

From: Eugeny S. Mints
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 18:23:08 EST

PM Core for OMAP1 platforms.

PM Core provides arch dependent routine to get/set operating points,
hooks up with arhc independent PowerOP layer and utilizes
clock/voltage framework to access hardware. PM Core is expected
to handle additional arch specific actions required to accompany clock/voltage
framework during operating points change (for example if
simultaneous coupled clocks/voltage change needs special attention on a

Basic building block for PM Core layer is platform power parameter concept.

Current OMAP implementation relies on "smart" virtual mpu clock
introduced by OMAP1 clock framework (#define

Since voltage framework is not merged into mainline yet
routine to change voltage is temporary implemented in the
PM Core for reference.

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