Re: 2.6.18-mm2

From: Alan Cox
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 17:19:38 EST

Ar Gwe, 2006-09-29 am 22:58 +0200, ysgrifennodd Andi Kleen:
> 2978333 640752 416100 4035185 3d9271 obj32-up-noacpi/vmlinux
> 2947808 612088 400292 3960188 3c6d7c obj32-up-noacpi-noapic/vmlinux
> ~30k

30K is a lot on an embedded x86 box.

> You might be able to do without ACPI on your embedded system.

Most embedded people don't use ACPI for some strange reason related to
the fact its bloated, hard to get right in the firmware and sucks. That
is one that makes sense to keep.


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