[ANNOUNCE] Cogito-0.18

From: Petr Baudis
Date: Fri Sep 29 2006 - 08:07:05 EST


I just released cogito-0.18 - new feature release of the Cogito
user-friendly Git user interface. The biggest highlights are
super-duper cg-log, tagging interface and cg-patch -m. Contrary to my
plan, this unfortunately does NOT contain three big things yet that are
missing but will be in cogito-0.19 (which should be already quite near
the ever-approaching version 1.0):

- Rigorous three-way merging of uncommitted local changes
instead of stashing local changes in patches
(stashing produces harder-to-resolve conflicts and can
in some extreme circumstances lead to loss or almost-loss
of your local changes which is highly evil; this is my
priority now; if you want to be absolutely safe, do not
update/merge/switch your tree while having uncommitted
changes in it)
- Support for cg-clone -a (clone all remote branches)
- Support for auto-pushing tags

So, now for things that ARE part of 0.18: :-)

First, a simple README update is the only difference from 0.18rc2.

* INCOMPATIBLE: cg-log now by default hides merges, -M behaviour is
* All kinds of very stale command aliases that were deprecated for eons
were removed
* .git/author is deprecated (use .git/config to set it up)
* We now officially depend on 1.4.2 (we use git-*-fetch --stdin which makes
fetching tags _MUCH_ faster)

* cg-log was reworked to support cg-log -d (show diffs inline),
cg-log -S (pickaxe) and renames following (does not quite work, though;
I decided not to fix it and wait for revisions.c in Git to support it
since the perl script which takes care of this is quite a hack)
* cg-switch -l to stash your local changes when switching branches
* cg-commit --amend
* Tagging interface (cg-tag, cg-tag-ls, cg-tag-show) was greatly enhanced
* cg-patch -m for applying mailboxes
* cg-clone -l now sets up an alternate instead of symlinking the object db
* Support for cg-clone --reference
* cg-admin-setuprepo supports setting up repositories over SSH
* Support fetching over FTP
* Other cool stuff!

Happy hacking,

Petr "Pasky" Baudis
Stuff: http://pasky.or.cz/
Of the 3 great composers Mozart tells us what it's like to be human,
Beethoven tells us what it's like to be Beethoven and Bach tells us
what it's like to be the universe. -- Douglas Adams
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