Re: [RFC][PATCH 00/10] Task watchers v2 Introduction

From: Paul Jackson
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 22:42:39 EST

How might this play with Paul Menage's <menage@xxxxxxxxxx> patch posted
earlier today on lkml:

[RFC][PATCH 0/4] Generic container system

My cpuset_exit() call is getting popular - both you guys seem to have
designs on it.

Separate question - I guess that your task watcher mechanism, the
way it uses linker magic now, would not enable a loadable module
to plug into these various fork/exit/... hooks. Is that right?

Such an ability for loadable modules to get callouts on fork/exit
would be useful to some ... it could also be a controversial ability.

I won't rest till it's the best ...
Programmer, Linux Scalability
Paul Jackson <pj@xxxxxxx> 1.925.600.0401
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