Re: GPLv3 Position Statement

From: jdow
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 21:34:38 EST

From: "Linus Torvalds" <torvalds@xxxxxxxx>

Exactly. The GPLv3 can _only_ take over a GPLv2 project if the "or later" exists.

It should also be pointed out that even a "GPLv2 or later" project can be forked two different ways: you can turn it into a "GPLv3" (with perhaps a "or later" added too) project, but you can _equally_ turn it into a "GPLv2 only" project.

In other words, even if the license says "GPLv2 or later", the GPLv3 isn't actually "stronger". The original author dual-licensed it, and expressly told you that he's ok with any GPL version greater than or equal to 2.

And if it is dual licensed and the user gets to pick the license what
does it mean to have GPLv3 as part of an OR clause? Those who would use
or reuse the code can ignore the GPLv3 part and go forward as GPLv2.
The intent of "GPLv2 or later" might have been "latest GPL version".
But that is not what the words rather explicitly declare.

{^_-} Joanne
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