Re: PCI bridge missing

From: Mark Knecht
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 17:39:46 EST

On 9/28/06, Luke-Jr <luke@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
This applies to Debian sarge kernels kernel-image-2.4.27-2-686, 2.6.8-3-686,
2.6.16-2-686, and 2.6.17-2-686...
I am trying to setup a Dell Optiplex GX1p system, which has a daughterboard
PCI bridge for its PCI and ISA slots:
00:0f.0 PCI bridge: Digital Equipment Corporation DECchip 21152 (rev 03)

However, this bridge is completely ignored and unseen by Linux. It does not
show up in lspci or dmesg (as far as I can tell) at all. The daughterboard is
plugged in, and the PCI cards on it are powered.

How could I go about troubleshooting the problem? Has anyone experienced
something like this before?



Hi Luke,
I have one machine with a PCI Bridge problem. This machine has PCI
TV cards behind a bridge. The cards are never recognized on a warm
boot but they are always found when the machine is cold booted. Go

Anyway, maybe you haven't cold booted the machine and could try that?

- Mark
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