Re: 2.6.18-1.2689.fc6PAE: oops in ext3_clear_inode+0x52/0x8b

From: James Morris
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 16:48:29 EST

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006, Jeremy Fitzhardinge wrote:

> BUG: unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 756e6547
> printing eip:
> f898bf73
> *pde = 0014c7c0
> Oops: 0002 [#1]
> SMP last sysfs file: /devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_cur_freq
> Modules linked in: ath_pci(U) usb_storage loop wlan_wep(U) snd_hda_codec nfsd
> exportfs lockd nfs_acl tun ppp_deflate zlib_deflate ppp_async crc_ccitt
> ppp_generic slhc airprime usbserial hci_usb cpufreq_powersave i915 drm
> cpufreq_conservative ipv6 autofs4 hidp rfcomm l2cap bluetooth sunrpc
> ipt_REJECT xt_state ip_conntrack nfnetlink xt_tcpudp iptable_filter ip_tables
> x_tables vfat fat dm_mirror dm_mod video sbs ibm_acpi i2c_ec dock button
> battery asus_acpi ac parport_pc lp parport snd_seq_dummy snd_seq_oss
> snd_seq_midi_event snd_seq wlan_scan_sta(U) snd_seq_device snd_pcm_oss
> snd_mixer_oss snd_pcm ath_rate_sample(U) mmc_block snd_timer snd sg ohci1394
> i2c_i801 wlan(U) ieee1394 sdhci soundcore pcspkr i2c_core snd_page_alloc
> serio_raw e1000 mmc_core ath_hal(U) ahci libata sd_mod scsi_mod ext3 jbd
> ehci_hcd ohci_hcd uhci_hcd
> CPU: 0
> EIP: 0060:[<f898bf73>] Tainted: P VLI

Seems that one of the modules tainted the kernel. Any idea which?

James Morris
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