Re: 2.6.18-mm1 tiacx-fix-attribute-packed-warnings for wlan

From: Randy Dunlap
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 14:50:50 EST

On Thu, 28 Sep 2006 10:34:21 -0700 Judith Lebzelter wrote:

> Hello,
> The patch tiacx-fix-attribute-packed-warnings.patch takes care of many of
> the 'packed attribute' warnings, but I noticed that some of these warnings like:
> drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_compat.h:246: warning: 'packed' attribute ignored for field of type 'u8[5u]'
> drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_hdr.h:476: warning: 'packed' attribute ignored for field of type 'wlanitem_u32_t'
> drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_mgmt.h:253: warning: 'packed' attribute ignored for field of type 'u8'
> are still present for the i386/allmodconfig build on gcc-4.1.1 for 2.6.18-mm1.
> So I made a patch for the files where it is still a problem. This compiled
> without warnings.


How are you creating/generating patch files? (git, quilt, by hand, ...)
[quilt can help a bit if your answer is "by hand" or by custom tools.]

Please see Documentation/SubmittingPatches, e.g.:

section 12) The canonical patch format

Consider including output of "diffstat -p1 -w70" after the
"---" marker so that patch readers can see what files are
changed and how much.

Please add diff option "-p" also.

(all mentioned in SubmittingPatches)

> diff -Nur linux.nodelta/drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_compat.h linux/drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_compat.h
> --- linux.nodelta/drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_compat.h 2006-09-28 09:06:00.628523695 -0700
> +++ linux/drivers/net/wireless/tiacx/wlan_compat.h 2006-09-28 09:50:59.301786662 -0700
> @@ -243,20 +243,20 @@

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