Re: OT: linux-kernel list and greylisting

From: Mariusz Kozlowski
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 13:45:07 EST


> anyone here who has experience with greylisting and the linux-kernel
> list? I want to configure greylisting on my server but I don't know if
> this setting is compatible with the list here.
> What I want to avoid is a massive bounce because of that! So please give
> me feedback, if greylisting is a problem for the list.

Greylisting relayed traffic is useless. Greyslisting is also expensive (delays
and bounces) so probably that's not what you want. Anyway if you know what
you are doing ;-) take a look at this:

OS based greylisting is a compromise. Gives great results with minimal costs
to most of incoming traffic.


Mariusz Kozlowski
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