Re: GPLv3 Position Statement

From: Jan Engelhardt
Date: Thu Sep 28 2006 - 04:20:30 EST

>> >The last Q. is how good is the almost forgotten Hurd kernel?
>> Wild guess: At most on par with Minix.
>...and here's a thing that most people forget: good code simply doesn't
>care about ideology, and ideology often does the wrong technical decisions
>because it's not about practical issues.
>The watch-word in Linux development has been "pragmatism". That's probably
>part of what drives the FSF wild about Linux in the first place. I care
>about _practical_ issues, not about wild goose chases.
>If I weren't into computers, I'd be in science. And the rules in science
>are the same: you simply can't do good science if you start with an
>agenda. If you say that you'll never touch high-energy physics because
>you find the atom bomb to be morally reprehensible, that's your right, but
>you have to also realize that then you can never actually understand the
>world, and do everything you may need to do.
>In many ways, the GPLv3 is about "religion". They limit the technology

Oops, I think we misunderstand each other right now. I took the above question
as how functional (=good) is Hurd. I did not mean to talk about licensing here.

Jan Engelhardt
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