Re: forcedeth - WOL [SOLVED]

From: Martin Filip
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 16:39:04 EST


Björn Steinbrink píše v St 27. 09. 2006 v 20:38 +0200:

> Did you check that WOL was enabled? I need to re-activate it after each
> boot (I guess that's normal, not sure though).
> The output of "ethtool eth0" should show:
> Supports Wake-on: g
> Wake-on: g
Yes, of course :)

> Also, I remember a bugzilla entry in which it was said that the MAC was
> somehow reversed by the driver. I that is still the case (I can't find
> the bugzilla entry right now), you might just reverse the MAC address in
> your WOL packet to workaround the bug.

Hey! this is really crazy :) but it works! To bo honest - I really do
not know what crazy bug could cause problems like this. I thought it's
NIC thing to manage all the work about WOL. I thought OS only sets NIC
into "WOL mode".

But seeing this - one packet for windows and one magic packet for linux
driver - I really do not get it.

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