Re: [PATCH 44/47] PCI: enable driver multi-threaded probe

From: Olaf Hering
Date: Wed Sep 27 2006 - 14:53:20 EST

On Mon, Sep 25, Greg KH wrote:

> Use at your own risk!!!

I havent debugged it, but it seems to reorder the driver probing, offb
vs. nvidiafb (-bad, +good):

-Using unsupported 1024x768 NVDA,Display-A at 90020000, depth=8, pitch=1024
-PCI: Unable to reserve mem region #2:10000000@90000000 for device 0000:0a:00.0
-nvidiafb: cannot request PCI regions
+nvidiafb: Device ID: 10de0141
+nvidiafb: CRTC0 analog found
+nvidiafb: CRTC1 analog found
+nvidiafb: Found OF EDID for head 1
+nvidiafb: EDID found from BUS1
+nvidiafb: EDID found from BUS2
+nvidiafb: CRTC 0 appears to have a CRT attached
+nvidiafb: Using CRT on CRTC 0
Console: switching to colour frame buffer device 128x48
-fb0: Open Firmware frame buffer device on /pci@0,f0000000/NVDA,Parent@0/NVDA,Display-A@0
+nvidiafb: PCI nVidia NV14 framebuffer (64MB @ 0x90000000)

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