Re: [2.6.18-rc7-mm1] slow boot

From: Tilman Schmidt
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 19:46:59 EST

On 24.09.2006 23:53, Andrew Morton wrote:
> make-ext3-mount-default-to-barrier=1.patch takes my laptop's bootup time
> from 53 seconds to 68, which is rather painful. In fact I'm inclined to
> drop the patch because of this, and I'd also be quite concerned about the
> similar reiserfs patch, make-reiserfs-default-to-barrier=flush.patch.
> Do you have the time to go through the
> process?

Ok, so far I've narrowed it down to the section between
which I guess lets make-{ext3-mount,reiserfs}-default-to-barrier=1.patch
off the hook for now.

Trying to bisect further into that section now, but perhaps that'll
already trigger some thoughts?


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