Re: [PATCH 26/47] Driver core: add groups support to struct device

From: Marcel Holtmann
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 11:18:59 EST

Hi Greg,

> > I really disappointed that there was no discussion/review of the
> > implementation at all.
> There has not been any real implementation yet, only a few patches added
> to the core that add a few extra functionality to struct device to allow
> class_device to move that way. The patches that move the subsystems
> over will be discussed (and some already have, like networking), when
> they are ready. Right now most of that work is being done by Kay and
> myself as a proof of concept to make sure that we can do this properly
> and that userspace can handle it well.

if you look at the Bluetooth subsystem, it became real devices in the
2.6.18 release. I was using a platform device for the virtual and UART
based adapters with no parent, but I am gonna change this to the virtual
devices once it is upstream. It works beautiful and the /sys/class is
now only a fast entry point to find the devices.



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