Re: 2.6.18 Nasty Lockup

From: Michael Obster
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 09:56:57 EST

Hi Greg,

what do you mean with desktop use? X11-System? Then please add also your
used grafic card and the X11 driver. I see this behaviour with lots of
binary only driver like from NVIDIA or ATI (perhaps they have problems
with the new 2.6.18 kernel).

Just to except that this is the cause for your lock ups.

Kind regards,
Michael Obster

Greg Schafer schrieb:
> This is a _hard_ lockup. No oops, no magic sysrq, no nuthin, just a
> completely dead machine with only option the reset button. Usually happens
> within a couple of minutes of desktop use but is 100% reproducible. Problem
> is still there in a fresh checkout of current Linus git tree (post 2.6.18).
> Dual Athlon-MP 2200's on a Tyan S2466 Tiger MPX. Config attached.
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