Re: When will the lunacy end? (Was Re: [PATCH] uswsusp: add pmops->{prepare,enter,finish} support (aka "platform mode"))

From: Pavel Machek
Date: Tue Sep 26 2006 - 06:25:08 EST


> > Your machines spend 15 seconds in drivers? Ouch, I did not realize
> > _that_.
> >
> > (My machine suspends in 7 seconds, perhaps 2-3 of that are playing
> > with drivers, so I just failed to see where the problem is).
> It's my long-suffering Vaio laptop.
> > Rafael has "fakesuspend" patches somewhere, but you can probably just
> > swapoff -a, then echo disk > /sys/power/state. If you are lucky, that
> > should be slow, too... fortunately you'll have useful dmesg buffer
> > when you are done. CONFIG_PRINTK_TIMING or something, and you should
> > have enough clues...?
> That would help.

Is "swapoff -a; echo disk > /sys/power/state" slow for you? If so, we
have something reasonably easy to debug, if not, we'll try something

> > 15 seconds spend within drivers is definitely _not_ okay.
> I assumed it was the same for everyone else ;)

Ok, then I see why you was upset ;-).
(cesky, pictures)
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