Re: [git patch] libata fix

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 16:09:12 EST

Alan Cox wrote:
Ar Llu, 2006-09-25 am 15:35 -0400, ysgrifennodd Jeff Garzik:
[hey Linus, your git summary hint helped, thanks]

Please pull from 'upstream-linus' branch of upstream-linus

Btw this one doesn't actually solve the FRV case. That's going to need
some more work and thinking. Look for patches tomorrow.

It gets FRV to where it was at the point of 2.6.18 release. Whether it worked on FRV at the time of 2.6.18 is quite a different question...

This recent push merely exposed _existing_ arch dependencies. They aren't new by any stretch of the imagination.

As we see, the push has spurred relevant people into taking the correct action ;-)


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