Re: [PATCH] Linux Kernel Markers 0.11 for 2.6.17

From: Jeremy Fitzhardinge
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 14:16:37 EST

Mathieu Desnoyers wrote:
Good morning everyone,

Following Jeremy Fitzhardinge's advice, I rewrote my marker mechanism taking in
consideration inline functions (and therefore also unrolled loops). This new
marker version is a complete rewrite of the previous one. It allows :

- Multiple occurrences of the same marker name.
- Declaration of a marker in an inline function.
- Declaration of a marker in an unrolled loop.
- It _does not_ change the compiler optimisations.

Well, it will a little bit. If you put a mark on a statement which would have otherwise been removed, then it will not be removed; the labels effectively change the potential control flow graph as far as the compiler is concerned. But if marks are used appropriately the impact should be pretty minimal.

+ asm volatile( ".section .markers, \"a\";\n\t" \
+ ".long %0, %1;\n\t" \
+ ".previous;\n\t" : : \
+ asm volatile( ".section .markers, \"a\";\n\t" \
+ ".long %0, %1, %2;\n\t" \
+ ".previous;\n\t" : : \
+ "m" (*&&jump_select_label), \
+ "m" (*&&call_label), \
+ "m" (*&&over_label)); \

If you're going to put different types in the .markers section (presumably per-architecture, rather than different types for within one architecture) you should probably also define a structure in the same place, if nothing

+ asm volatile ( ".align 16;\n\t" : : ); \
+ asm volatile ( ".byte 0xeb;\n\t" : : ); \
+jump_select_label: \
+ asm volatile ( ".byte %0-%1;\n\t" : : \
+ "m" (*&&over_label), "m" (*&&call_label)); \

There's absolutely nothing to guarantee that these three asm() will be kept together in the generated code, or in the same place with respect to any other asms.

+call_label: \
+ asm volatile ("" : : ); \
+ MARK_CALL(name, format, ## args); \
+ asm volatile ("" : : ); \
+over_label: \
+ asm volatile ("" : : ); \

These asm volatiles won't do anything at all. What are you trying to achieve?

+#define MARK(name, format, args...) \
+ do { \
+ __label__ here; \
+here: asm volatile( ".section .markers, \"a\";\n\t" \
+ ".long %0, %1;\n\t" \
+ ".previous;\n\t" : : \
+ "m" (*(#name)), \
+ "m" (*&&here)); \

Seems like a bad idea that MARK() can put one type of record in .markers, but MARK_JUMP and MARK_CALL can put different records in the same section? How do you distinguish them? Or are they certain to be exclusive? Either way, I'd probably put different mark records in different sections: .markers.jump,, markers.labels. And define appropriate structures for the record types in each section.

Also, expecting to call a varargs function from a non-varargs callsite is skating on very thin ice. Lots of architectures have very different calling conventions for varadic vs non-varadic functions, and I wouldn't rely on being able to make any sweeping generalizations about it. regparm is only documented to do anything on i386; it almost certainly won't make a non-varadic callsite look like a varadic call to a varadic function on architectures who's ABIs use different conventions for the two types of function.

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