Re: [PATCH] fix idiocy in asd_init_lseq_mdp()

From: Luben Tuikov
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 13:16:57 EST

--- Douglas Gilbert <dougg@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Al Viro wrote:
> > To whoever had written that code:
> >
> > a) priority of >> is higher than that of &
> > b) priority of typecast is higher than that of any binary operator
> > c) learn the fscking C
> BTW Luben was pointing out that the call you patched
> and the following call can be combined into a less
> trouble prone asd_write_reg_dword() call.

More than that -- I looked at the history of that
file/line and the code as I had written it _never_ had
that broken cast and shift mess.

"Someone" changed that after I submitted the code to lkml/lsml.


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