Re: megaraid question

From: Wakko Warner
Date: Mon Sep 25 2006 - 07:07:42 EST

Roman Glebov wrote:
> Am Montag, 25. September 2006 03:51 schrieb Wakko Warner:
> > Keep me in CC.

> > sleon@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > > i am using opensource megaraid driver (2.6.17) . Do you know any
> > > opensource monitoring tool for the opensource megaraid drivers Or is
> > > there a way to check the state of harddrives connected to the megaraid
> > > controller?
> >
> > I'd like to add a "ME TOO" here. as well as one for the adaptec raid
> > cards.
> >
> > Last time I looked, the only software I could find for megaraid was a
> > program from Dell (binary only unfortunately)
> Hi, thanks for answering me!
> If i find something out i will let you know.

That'd be great.

> THe last info i got is that it is somehow possible with smartmon tools.
> (a la smartctl -d megaraid,0 /dev/sda)

I have never tried this.

> I am asking smartmontools developers right now, because there is no out of the
> box support for megaraid.
> Also i was told that there is a binary monitoring tool from lsi-logic page.
> But will it work with open source driver?

I'm not sure about the program from LSI, but the one from Dell seems to work
with any megaraid controller (the one I do have happens to be a dell
megaraid card). The program I used from that package looks very similar to
the bios configuration tool and you can change disk layouts from within the
program while still in linux.

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