Re: [PATCH 00/03][RESUBMIT] net: EtherIP tunnel driver

From: Valdis . Kletnieks
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 21:08:50 EST

On Sat, 23 Sep 2006 15:27:36 +0200, Joerg Roedel said:

> (I assume you are speaking of the position of the 3 in the header). The
> RFC is not clear at this point. It defines that the first 4 bits in the
> 16 bit Ethernet header MUST be 0011. But it don't defines the
> byteorder of that 16 bit word nor if the least or most significant bit
> comes first.

Unless stated otherwise, it's pretty safe to assume that all "on the wire" data
mentioned in an RFC is in 'network byte order'. That's why hton*() and ntoh*()
functions exist...

Is there something in the RFC that suggests that a byte order other than
'network order' is possible/acceptable there?

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