Re: skge error; hangs w/ hardware memory hole

From: Howard Chu
Date: Sun Sep 24 2006 - 15:59:57 EST

Not sure this got through last time...

The NETDEV WATCHDOG message only shows up after trying to ping something thru the interface. This is on 2.6.18 with the patch at

Andreas Kleen wrote:
Am Mi 20.09.2006 22:13 schrieb Howard Chu <hyc@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
OK, booted up. With the memory hole enabled in the BIOS, skge still
fails. There's one error message during the boot sequence, and then
NETDEV WATCHDOG transmit timeout messages when I try to ping

Here's a snippet of the dmesg:

Did you see the

disallowing DAC because of VIA bridge

message anywhere? Best you send full dmesg


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