Re: Yet more display troubles with 2.6.15-rc5-mm2

From: Antonino A. Daplas
Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 20:21:46 EST

Jesper Juhl wrote:
> On 12/13/05, Antonino A. Daplas <adaplas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> Jesper Juhl wrote:
>>> On 12/12/05, Antonino A. Daplas <adaplas@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>>>> Jesper Juhl wrote:
>>> I'm already using the vesa driver. It seems to be the only Open Source
>>> driver that'll work with this card, so i don't have any other to try.
>> I just tried with Xorg vesa and vgacon, and everything seems to work okay.
>> Now I'm not sure what changes in linux causes the vgacon state restore
>> to fail (VGA state restoration is almost the entire responsibility
>> of X, BTW), but maybe you can use vbetool to get and set the vga mode,
>> just to test?
> Ok, I'm not familiar with that tool and my distribution doesn't
> include it, but if it will be useful to you for me to test with it
> I'll get and install it. What exactely would you like me to do/try
> with it?

The vbetool is capable of getting/setting or saving/restoring the current
state of the hardware. You can run vbetool vbestate save before going
to X and then run vbetool vbestate restore after switching back to console.

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