Re: [PATCH] Cpuset: rcu optimization of page alloc hook

From: Paul Jackson
Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 16:43:45 EST

Eric wrote:
> I do think we should have defined a special section for very hot (and written)
> spots. It's more easy to locate thos hot spots than 'mostly read and shared by
> all cpus without cache ping pongs' places...

Should we do something like:
1) identify the hot write spots, to arrange them by access pattern,
as Christoph considered, in another reply on this thread.
2) identify the hot read, cold write spots, to bunch them up away from (1)
3) leave the rest as "inert filler" (aka "cannon fodder", in my previous
reply), but unmarked in any case.
4) change the word "__read_mostly" to "__hot_read_cold_write", to more
accurately fit item (2).

I won't rest till it's the best ...
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