Re: [Alsa-devel] Re: [2.6 patch] schedule obsolete OSS drivers for removal

From: Adrian Bunk
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 14:43:29 EST

On Fri, Jul 29, 2005 at 05:58:18PM +0200, Thorsten Knabe wrote:
> Hello Jaroslav.
> I'll do some testing during the upcoming weekend to confirm, that the
> mentioned problems still exist with the current ALSA release. Last time I
> checked was sometime around Linux 2.6.10. I'll file a bug report of my
> findings to the ALSA bug tracking system and contact the author of the
> driver. Initially I had not spent much time on those problems, because I
> had an alternative working OSS driver, but since removal of the OSS seems
> to get closer, it's probably time to fix these issues now.

Thanks a lot!

Can you send me the bug numbers in the ALSA bug tracking system if you
have to send bug reports, so that I can track when these issues will be

> Regards
> Thorsten



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