Re: [PATCH] Wireless Security Lock driver.

From: Brian Schau
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 07:44:06 EST

Yes, the quirk is in the patch :-)

Pavel Machek wrote:

Pavel> Well, that is if you use /dev/psaux, right? Using event devices
Pavel> you should be able to access it from userland.

Would /dev/input/mice not also be affected?

Yes, /dev/input/mice == /dev/psaux.

Until X can hotplug input devices /dev/input/mice rather than evdev
will remain necessary in many cases for a reasonable user experience.

So at least a quirk/whatever to keep that device from being included
in mice (and psaux) should be added.

Yes... why not. But that should be close to one liner, right?
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