Re: S3 resume and PNP (was: Re: S3 resume and serial console..)

From: Dave Airlie
Date: Sun Jul 31 2005 - 03:04:00 EST

> >
> > The above two messages tells me you're probably using plug'n'play.
> > Unfortunately, for some unknown reason, the Linux plug'n'play
> > subsystem does not support suspend/resume. This is not a serial
> > problem.
> >
> Okay I've disabled PnP in my kernel, now I get nothing back from the
> serial port on resume... not sure if that is an improvement or not :-)
> I'll keep messing about with it and see what I can work out...

Actually I lie.. my resume for some reason delays for quite a while, I've
gotten a init=/bin/bash serial console resuming now correctly...


David Airlie, Software Engineer / airlied at
Linux kernel - DRI, VAX / pam_smb / ILUG

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