Re: Broke nice range for RLIMIT NICE

From: Chris Wright
Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 16:15:21 EST

* Lee Revell (rlrevell@xxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> On Fri, 2005-07-29 at 13:51 -0700, Chris Wright wrote:
> > * Chris Wright (chrisw@xxxxxxxx) wrote:
> > > Yes, this requires updated pam patch.
> >
> > Here's the updated pam patch. I left the lower end at 0 rather than 1,
> > since it's no harm.
> >
> > +/* Hack to test new rlimit values */
> Does this still apply? If so what would a better solution look like?

The better solution is to make sure you have new enough glibc-kernheaders
to pick up those values directly from resource.h and drop that hunk. On
my systems, it's still needed even with rawhide headers.

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