Re: [patch] net/tulip: LAN driver for ULI M5261/M5263

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Fri Jul 29 2005 - 14:48:34 EST

Peer.Chen@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
We want to extract our LAN card driver from tulip core driver and make a
new file uli526x.c at tulip folder,
because we have added some ethtool interface support and non-eprom support
in our driver and may be other change
in the futher. If our controllers support are still contained in the tulip
core driver, I think it'll increase the
complexity of maintenance,

After some thought, I agree with this assessment.

It has been my goal for a long time to separate out the various chips from the tulip driver, for easier maintenance. One of the reasons I have not applied a "fix tulip for ULi" patch is that it changes PHY details that I am not sure are OK for the myriad tulip clones. A separate driver eliminates this objection.

I have applied your patch to the new 'uli-tulip' branch of git repository rsync://

Please now do the following tasks:

1) Submit an incremental patch addressing Alexey Dobriyan's minor complaints

2) Submit a patch removing all ULi support from the 'tulip' driver

I will then conduct a final review, and probably request another patch, with more updates.

After that, your driver will be sent upstream, to be included in the official 2.6.x kernel.

Thanks and regards,


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