Re: [PATCH] driver core: Add the ability to unbind drivers to devices from userspace

From: Mitchell Blank Jr
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 13:14:02 EST

Jon Smirl wrote:
> Do we need to deal with UTF8 here? I did the forward loop because you
> can't parse UTF8 backwards. If UTF8 is possible I need to change the
> pointer inc function.

As others have mentioned there shouldn't be a UTF8 problem with isspace().
However, even if you wanted to scan going forwards you can do it without
the complexity of a nested loop:

char *real_end;

for (real_end = x; x - buffer->page < count; x++)
if (!isspace(*x))
real_end = x + 1;
*real_end = '\0';
// then fix "count"

BTW, my code I posted yesterday is incomplete since I neglected to notice
that the "count = z - x" at the end is used to repair "count" damage from
both the leading and trailing whitespace stripping. Its actually easier
to strip the trailing whitespace first, like:

while (count > 0 && isspace(buffer->page[count - 1]))
count--; /* strip trailing whitespace */
if (count > 0 && isspace(buffer->page[0])) {
* We have leading whitespace but also at least one
* non-whitespace character
const char *x = buffer->page;
do {
} while (isspace(*x));
memmove(buffer->page, x, count);
buffer->page[count] = '\0';

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