RE: [openib-general] Re: [PATCH] arch/xx/pci: remap_pfn_range -> io_remap_pfn_range

From: Ian Pratt
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 09:47:59 EST

> > For example, drivers/char/mem.c uses io_remap_pfn_range for
> mmap'ing
> > /dev/mem
> That is my (limited) understanding also, but when I built
> io_remap_pfn_range(), I didn't search all callers of
> remap_pfn_range() to see which ones that I could fix (or
> break) by changing them. Mostly due to the possible breakage part.

Yep, its not entirely trivial to determine the intended usage. In
particular, some of the sound drivers require both versions in the same

It's probably best to rely on Xen/Sparc users to find them on a case by
case basis and ask for them to be fixed (unless someone's feeling

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