Re: v850, which gcc and binutils version?

From: Miles Bader
Date: Thu Jul 28 2005 - 03:47:47 EST

Jan Dittmer <jdittmer@xxxxxxxx> writes:
>> "v850e-elf".
> Thanks, that got me much further, compilation aborts now with

Hmmm, what sources are you compiling exactly?

I last tested with 2.6.12 + 2.6.12-uc0 (uClinux) patches + the v850 patches
I sent to the LKML recently (from which I presume you got the defconfigs);
the v850 patches should now be merged into Linus's tree, but I dunno about
the uClinux patches (and of course there may already be v850 breakage in
Linus's current tree; I usually only test real releases).

If you care to try applying the uClinux patches, they should be available
from (fill in "$ver" with "2.6.12-uc0" and "$maj_ver" with "2.6"):$maj_ver.x/linux-$ver.patch.gz

Greg, do you have any status on merging the current uClinux patch set?


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