Re: [patch] properly stop devices before poweroff

From: Kenji Kaneshige
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 20:41:36 EST


I think the patch Tony mentioned (ia64-halt-hangup-fix.patch)
was already merged into -mm tree. But as Tony said, it doesn't
work and removing reboot notifier of e1000 looks better than
changing ia64 version of pcibios_disable_device().

After all, I think ia64-halt-hangup-fix.patch should be removed
from -mm tree.

Kenji Kaneshige

Luck, Tony wrote:
I started on my OLS homework from Andrew ... and began looking
into what is going on here.

The story so far: Pavel added calls to device_suspend() to three of
the cases in the sys_reboot() path. This stopped ia64 from being
able to shutdown. There is a oops with a stacktrace pointing back
at the sys_reboot call.

Initial analysis from Kenji Kaneshige said that we might fix this
by adding a patch to the ia64 version of pcibios_disable_device()
to make it check whether the device was enabled before calling
acpi_pci_irq_disable(). This might fix things if the issue was
simply problems with this being called twice. Pavel sent a
"Looks good", Adam said "Is it the right fix?"

I just tried it ... it doesn't work, we still see an oops from
the sys_reboot() ... so shutdown hangs, and we can sidestep the
issue of whether this is ideologically correct.

Then I wondered whether it was just an e1000 problem (since Pavel
had also commented that we should perhaps removed the reboot notifier
from the e1000 driver). So I rebuilt my kernel with e1000 as a module
and ran "rmmod e1000" before running shutdown. Which promptly failed
with a stack trace that ran through mptscsih driver instead of e1000.
[N.B. Kaneshige-san has also noted that his i386 system which has the
mptfusion also hangs executing a SYNCHRONIZE_CACHE command].

Code examination in the e1000 case shows that we are a bit confused
and call first:

notifier_call_chain(reboot_notifier, ...)

and then:

suspend_device() == dev->bus->suspend == pci_device_suspend

So it looks like Pavel is right ... registering the reboot notifier is
bogus in e1000. Commenting out the register/unregister also allows
me to get past the e1000 so that I can fail in mptscsih_suspend() path.
But the fusion driver doesn't register a reboot notifier, so I can't
try the same trick there :-)

Andrew: How did you get the squitty font on ia64? The stack trace
from the oops flies off the top of the screen. I've tried a few
"vga=0x0f07" type options, but I keep getting a big font.


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