Re: ACPI buttons in 2.6.12-rc4-mm2

From: Andrew Morton
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 18:16:01 EST

Len Brown <len.brown@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Sun, 2005-05-22 at 07:25 -0400, Cameron Harris wrote:
> > I just upgraded from and now my /proc/acpi/button directory
> > doesn't exist...
> I deleted /proc/acpi/button on purpose,
> did you have a use for those files?

Can we put it back, please?

> Note that over time everything in /proc/acpi is
> going away. In this case, there didn't seem to be
> a case for making appear in /sys.

That'll be hard. I guess we could add the new /sys entries, make sure that
userspace tool developers have migrated and then remove the /proc entries
in a year or so.

We cannot go ripping out stuff which applications and users are currently
using without quite a lot of preparation.
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