REALTIME-PREEMPT, mode 4 cs X, X loses.

From: Gene Heskett
Date: Wed Jul 27 2005 - 13:38:37 EST

Greetings Ingo;

I had to back away from this patch series in order to burn some cd's
about a week ago, the symptoms were that X got really slow, and then
hangs, but it does rapidly respond to a ctl-alt-backspace exit. I've
since built and tested -28, -33, -37 & am now on -38, and all seem to
suffer an X lockup, can't switch screens but the mouse works
normally, when attempting to run something thats a heavy IRQ user,
like xawtv, or k3b. I also made about a dozen coasters while burning
the debian-3.1 14 disk set, finally rebooting to to finish
the last 3 or 4.

Also, the hangs in kmail's composer are definitely worse, but I can't
place an exact version number when this occurred other than in the
later 51-20's on.

Ideas? More clues from someplace? The logs appear clean except for
the attempt to run tvtime.

Cheers, Gene
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