Re: problem while executing insmod

From: Robert Hancock
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 18:38:11 EST

deepak jose wrote:

i written a module function similar to hello, world in C .i compiled
it.but when i ,m loading the module i'm getting the error that "the
kernel compiled is kernel 2.4.20 whereas i'm having 2.4.20-8".
wat i have to do to load it properly without forcing it to load.
did i have to change my kernel.
please suggest me a solution without changing the kernel.

Are you compiling against the same kernel version that's actually running on the machine? 2.4.20-8 sounds like a Red Hat 9 kernel version (an out of date one, BTW), you cannot build modules against vanilla 2.4.20 kernel sources and load them into the Red Hat 9 version.

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