Re: [SOLVED ?] VIA KT400 + Kernel 2.6.12 + IO-APIC + ehci_hcd = IRQ trouble

From: Michel Bouissou
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 15:37:21 EST

Le Mardi 26 Juillet 2005 20:54, Alan Stern a écrit :
> >
> > ...and then, the system feels happy. I've played around with USB devices
> > of all speeds in all sockets, and there are no "irq 21: nobody cared!"
> > messages anymore...
> Not strange at all, since the EHCI controller actually _was_ using IRQ 21!
> The difference is that now Linux knows this.
> So long as it's working now, that's the important thing.

Yes, but it doesn't tell us why kernels 2.4x felt perfectly happy with the old

Furthermore, I'm afraid I may have exchanged a problem for a worse one :-(
Besides this USB/IRQ issue, my system was completely stable and had been for 2
years. Never experienced a system hang (except when I tried early 2.6 kernels
up to 2.6.8...)

Alas, today it hanged completely 3 times :-(

When I say completely, I mean complete system hang, display frozen, keyboard
dead (even the Magic SysRQ key doesn't respond), network dead (doen't ping
back), no visible activity of any kind :-((

...and of course nothing got logged.

This happened 4 times. The 3 first times, I was running with IO-APIC enabled
and the system was under high disk activity:

1/ 1st time, I was copying the complete contents of a loopback-mounted ISO
image to a directory. The system hanged.

2/ 2nd time, I tried the same. The system hanged again.

3/ 3rd time, I was generating an ISO fs (mkisofs). The system hanged.

The 4th time, I was running the kernel booted with "noapic". The system was
doing nothing and had gone to screen saver mode, then to screen off. When I
moved the mouse nothing happened. I noticed the system had silently died :-(

Now I'm running with IO-APIC enabled, bus USB 2.0 adn ehci completely disabled
(both in BIOS and modprobe.conf).

The system hasn't hanged again, but I haven't tried to play with on-disk ISO
filesystems since...

Sigh. I never had any problem with this system for 2 years running kernel 2.4.
I've had nothing but problems since running kernel 2.6 :-((

(Not to mention that EVMS snapshots don't work anymore in kernel 2.6 and badly
corrupt filesystems [snapshots origins] spitting tons of :
totor kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
totor kernel: dm-5: rw=0, want=990604112, limit=2031614
totor kernel: attempt to access beyond end of device
totor kernel: dm-5: rw=0, want=990604112, limit=2031614
...but this is yet another story...
I'm afraid I will end hating kernel 2.6 as much as I hate M$ things... )


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