2.4.31 panics on boot on 486 box: TSC requires pentium

From: johsc
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 13:29:45 EST

2.4.31 compiled with -m486, panics on boot (486DX) and says something about
TSC requires pentium, bang.
enabling the obscure flag

[*] Unsynced TSC support

seems to fix this - the corresponding .config label name is actually *more*
helpful than the documentation.

- Obscure-sound-bug
jazz16 on Travelmate 4000M doesn't seem to work either, sb.o
complains about DSP version being "only" 3.01.

(#insmod sb type=10 io=0x220 irq={5,7} dma=1 dma16=7)

there is sound but mpg123 says 44100 is impossible.
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