RE: ZyXEL Kernel /BusyBox GPL violation?

From: linux-os (Dick Johnson)
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 12:15:00 EST

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, David Schwartz wrote:
>>> Also if they didn't modify the kernel, they don't have to give you
>>> source, they can just refer you to
>> Wrong.....
>> ourceOnInternet
>> [[[I want to distribute binaries without accompanying sources. Can I
>> provide source code by FTP instead of by mail order?
>> You're supposed to provide the source code by mail-order on a
>> physical medium, if someone orders it. You are welcome to offer people
>> a way to copy the corresponding source code by FTP, in addition to the
>> mail-order option, but FTP access to the source is not sufficient to
>> satisfy section 3 of the GPL.
>> When a user orders the source, you have to make sure to get the
>> source to that user. If a particular user can conveniently get the
>> source from you by anonymous FTP, fine--that does the job. But not
>> every user can do such a download. The rest of the users are just as
>> entitled to get the source code from you, which means you must be
>> prepared to send it to them by post.
>> If the FTP access is convenient enough, perhaps no one will choose
>> to mail-order a copy. If so, you will never have to ship one. But you
>> cannot assume that.
>> Of course, it's easiest to just send the source with the binary in
>> the first place. ]]]
> I'm sorry, this makes no sense. What if a user can't conveniently get the
> source by mail?
> More users can more conveniently get the source by HTTP than can get it by
> mail. This argument may have made sense many years ago, but it doesn't now.
> The GPL does not say you have to mail it. The GPL says you have to provide
> it "on a medium customarily used for software interchange". That means *YOU*
> get to pick the medium, you just can't pick one that's so obscure that
> nobody could decode it. The web is just such a medium.
> DS

But the larger question: Does the ZyXEL Box work well or did
somebody buy it just to take it apart?

Dick Johnson
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