Re: Incorrect driver getting loaded for Qlogic FC-HBA

From: Andrew Vasquez
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 10:56:23 EST

On Tue, 26 Jul 2005, Rajat Jain wrote:
> On 7/26/05, Greg KH <greg@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > On Mon, Jul 25, 2005 at 11:02:39AM +0900, Rajat Jain wrote:
> > > I'm using Kernel 2.6.9 and am having a Qlogic QLE2362 FC-HBA in my
> > > system. I selected all the Qlogic SCSI drivers while buiding the
> > > kernel. Now the problem is that every time I reboot, I have to
> > > MANUALLY modprobe the qla2322.ko module in the kernel and only then my
> > > HBA works. By default, the kernel loads qla2300.ko, which is not the
> > > correct driver for the card, and hence the HBA does not work. Here is
> > > the lspci output:
> >
> > "by default" the kernel does not load any modules. That's up to the
> > hotplug system, or some other package.
> >
> > thanks,
> >
> > greg k-h
> >
> Thanks. I just checked .. that is right. So let me put it this way.
> When ever I hot-plug my HBA into the system, the driver "qla2300" gets
> loaded. Where as the correct driver is "qla2322". This evident from
> the output of "modules.pcimap" file and "lspci". The PCI device number
> of HBA is 2322. and in modules.pcimap file, qla2322 is supposed to be
> loaded when this HBA is hot-plugged. But module qla2300 is getting
> loaded.
> Any pointers on where could the problem be? Or how should I approach
> this problem?

A similar problem was noted with RHEL4, it seems the modules.pcimap
and pci.ids file were correct, but the pcitable file contained entries
for all ql[ae]23xx based HBAs to load qla2300.ko.

It's my understanding that this was fixed for RHEL4 U1. Which distro
are you using? If you are using RHEL, and are still having problems,
I'd suggest you file a report with Redhat.

Andrew Vasquez
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