[PATCH linux-2.6-block:master] overview of soon-to-be-posted patches

From: Tejun Heo
Date: Tue Jul 26 2005 - 08:15:05 EST

Hello, Jens.

I hope you had fun on your vacation and at OLS. I'm posting 18
welcome-back patches today. :-p This mail is to show the overview of
the patches. All patches are against master head of linux-2.6-block

patch #1 : fix-elevator_find. remove try_module_get race in
patch #2 : fix-cfq_find_next_crq. fix cfq_find_next_crq bug
in cfq.
patch #3-7 : generic dispatch queue patchset. implements generic
dispatch queue.
patch #8 : reimplement-elevator-switch. reimplements elevator
switch using generic dispatch queue. draining isn't
needed anymore.
patch #9-#18 : ordered reimplementation patchset. reimplements
I/O barrier handling.

Both generic dispatch queue patchset and ordered reimplementation
patchset were previously posted. They are reordered (as you asked)
and I've added missing bits (all elevators are updated, docs are
updated). Also, there were a few changes and fixes. I'll mention
them when I post those patches.

I've tested these changes by running parallelly...

* random raw read (concurrency 8)
* repeatedly mounting a ext3 fs with -o barrier=1, copying, syncing &
checksumming a 128M file, and unmounting the fs.
* periodic scheduler switch (each iosched runs for 3 minutes and then
switched to the next one)

This test has been running for several hours without a problem and I
will keep it running for today and maybe tomorrow unless I have to use
the test machine for some other purpose.


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