BUG: Yamaha OPL3SA2 does not work with ALSA on 2.6 kernels.

From: Andrew Haninger
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 09:38:57 EST


I have a 5 year old Gateway Solo 2500 that is currently running Linux If I install ALSA and try to have alsaconf bruteforce-detect
the OPL3SA2 sound card, it will say that it has detected it, but
loading the modules will fail. If I install Linux 2.4 and
recompile/rerun alsaconf, the detection works fine and the card works.
Copying the configuration detected under 2.4 into a modprobe.conf on
2.6 allows me to use the card in 2.6 with occasional crashes (which
might be due to suspend2).

Searching around the net, I find many other people having trouble with
these cards and the ALSA-Linux2.6 combination. On one page, someone
suggested that there were changes made between 2.4 and 2.6 to the ISA
code that broke ALSA's detection routines.

I'm not sure what information might be needed in order to get this
card working well once and for all, but if someone will let me know,
I'd be happy to provide.


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