Re: [PATCH] I2C: add i2c driver for TPS6501x

From: Jean Delvare
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 16:21:21 EST

Hi Greg, David,

> [PATCH] I2C: add i2c driver for TPS6501x
> This adds an I2C driver for the TPS6501x series of power management
> chips. It's used on many OMAP based boards, and this driver has been
> widely used in the Linux-OMAP trees over the last year or so.

There is a pending cleanup patch for this driver. It was posted by David
on the lm-sensors mailing list on May 27th:
Greg, Can you please add this patch to your i2c tree?

Note that I am not entierly happy with this driver even after the patch
is applied. It tries to load several times when the initial attempt
fails. That's ugly and inefficient. The retries should be done on failed
bus reads, rather than reloading the driver entirely on each error, so
that as few actions as possible are retried. Or the bus driver could be
improved to deal with errors at a lower level.

David, could you please work on a patch implementing either solution?

Jean Delvare
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