Re: Script to help users to report a BUG

From: Vara Prasad
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 13:33:02 EST

Paolo Ciarrocchi wrote:

Hi all,
what do you think about this simple idea of a script that could help
users to fill better BUG reports ?

The usage is quite simple, put the attached file in
/usr/src/linux/scripts and then:

[root@frodo scripts]# ./ /tmp/BUGREPORT/
cat: /proc/scsi/scsi: No such file or directory

[root@frodo scripts]# ls /tmp/BUGREPORT/
cpuinfo.bug ioports.bug modules.bug software.bug
iomem.bug lspci.bug scsi.bug version.bug

Now you can simply attach all the .bug files to the bugzilla report or
inline them in a email.

The script is rude but it is enough to give you an idea of what I have in mind.

Any comment ?


We have a need for similar tool so that customers using Linux system can report the problem with as much information as they can about their system for someone to diagnose the problem efficiently. Customers wanted to run this one tool which gathers most useful information for all kinds of problems. To help in this process we have a tool developed by local university students. I would say the tool is in prototype stage. You can download the tool from the project website at

Is the information this tool collects meets the need for what is discussed here?
If not what changes you would like to see in the data collected?

Currently the tool is written in "C", if people don't like this to be implemented in "C", please suggest the alternatives and we can make the required changes.

Vara Prasad

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