Re: [RFC] SPI core -- revisited

From: Jamey Hicks
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 10:51:58 EST

dmitry pervushin wrote:

Hello guys,

we finally decided to rework the SPI core and now it its ready for your comments.. Here we have several boards equipped with SPI bus, and use this spi core with these boards; Drivers for them are available by request (...and if community approve this patch)

I'm glad to see that work is progressing on SPI core. I've worked on drivers on both ARM linux and Blackfin uclinux that use SPI and would prefer that they not be platform specific.

What I've found in my Blackfin work is that I need asynchronous SPI support. The driver starts an SPI transaction and receives a callback when the SPI transaction has completed. The operations are similar to what you've suggested, except that the message structure includes a pointer to a callback and a void *data pointer.

The driver I'm working on is for the Chipcon CC2420 802.15.4 radio, which uses SPI to access its registers and transmit and receive FIFOs. In my CC2420, it queues SPI requests and initiates the next one when an SPI transaction completes.


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