Re: Updated git HOWTO for kernel hackers

From: Linus Torvalds
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 10:29:25 EST

On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Jeff Garzik wrote:
> Linus Torvalds wrote:
> > (Of course, since the rsync protocol doesn't know anything about git
> > consistency, if the mirroring is half-way, you'll end up with something
> > less than wonderful, and confusing. Details, details)
> Would it make sense to add an fsck step to git-clone-script?

Well, it's going to be slow. Of course, it's not as slow as pulling the
stuff over a DSL line or whatever, but still..

I think I need to make something that just verifies the top <n> commits or
whatever - I need that for "pull" anyway, so that you can do a

git fsck ORIG_HEAD..

and it will fsck only the new stuff that arrived as a result of the pull.

And we need to improve the git-ssh-pull/git-http-pull scripts so that they
do pipelined requests: right now it's usually a lot faster to do "rsync"
than it is to do git-ssh-pull (unless you do a small pull), because even
though the rsync ends up needing to compare the full directory contents,
it then transfers the data much faster.

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