Re: Updated git HOWTO for kernel hackers

From: Jeff Garzik
Date: Thu Jun 23 2005 - 04:58:59 EST

Linus Torvalds wrote:
Pulling a regular head _cannot_ and _must_not_ update tags. Tags are not associated with the tree, and they _cannot_ and _must_not_ be so, exactly

For general git implementation, strongly agreed.

And not making them separate breaks a lot of things. As mentioned, it
fundamentally breaks the distributed nature, but that also means that it
breaks whenever two people use the same name for a tag, for example. You
can't "merge" tags. BK had a very strange form of merging, which was (I
think) to pick the one last in the BK ChangeSet file, but that didn't make
it "right". You just never noticed, because Linux could never use tags at
all due to the lack of privacy, except for big releases..


How is this AT ALL different from just having a separate script that does
this? You've introduced nothing but syntactic fluff, and you've made it
less flexible at the same time. First off, you might want to get new tags
_without_ fetching anything else, and you might indeed want to get the tags _first_ in order to decide what you want to fetch.

That's a fair point. A separate script would be better.

because that would make them global instead of private, and it would fundamentally make them not be distributed, and would mean that they'd be pointless as anything but "Linus' official tags".
the fact that tags _should_ be normal every-day things that you just use
as "book-marks", and that the kind of big "synchronization point for many
people" tag should actually be the _rare_ case.

For my use, I require all "Linus official tags" to be present in all my kernel trees, precisely because it is a big sync point for many people.

User A sends me a patch against 2.6.12-rc2, user B sends me a patch against 2.6.12-rc3, user C sends me a patch against 2.6.12... I create a branch with
cp .git/refs/tags/$kversion .git/refs/heads/foo-net-drvr
git checkout -f foo-net-drvr
apply the patch, then pull linux-2.6.git to merge up to the latest version.

So in my case, the rare case is the 99% common case :)

I suppose this usage is just highly specific to me.


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